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Taasisi ya Mafunzo ya Uanasheria kwa Vitendo Tanzania (LST)

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Kuhusu Ushauri Elekezi

The Law School of Tanzania is geared to provide high quality consultancy services to its clients. Consultancy services are provided under the Law School Consultancy Bureau (LST-CB). The Bureau was formed to streamline and efficiently coordinate consultancy services at the Law School of Tanzania (LST). The LST-CB is registered under the Trustees’ Incorporation Act [Cap 318 R.E. 2002] with a Certificate of Incorporation No. 5948 of 17th October, 2022. Prior to that consultancy services at the LST were manned through the Deputy Principal Training, Research, Consultancy and Publication (DPTRCP).The Vision of the Bureau is to become an exemplary unit of the Law School of Tanzania in provision of professional and technical consultancy services to public and private institutions and organizations in order to support social economic, cultural and political development within and outside Tanzania. The Mission of the Bureau is to constantly provide excellent consultancy services in legal and other related areas to the Government, private organisations, individuals and other clients within and outside Tanzania.

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