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Wahitimu LST

Graduates from the LST emerge well prepared to enter into the legal profession and contribute effectively in the entire process of administration and delivery of justice. They play a vital role in strengthening the Tanzanian justice system. They become legal professionals who can advocate for justice, uphold the rule of law, and ensure access to justice for all. Their expertise contributes to the fair resolution of disputes and the promotion of a just society. The graduates can actively participate in legislative and policy development processes, contributing to the creation of robust legal frameworks that address societal needs and promote socio-economic progress.

The graduates often pursue careers in public service and governance, working as legal advisors, prosecutors, judges, and administrators. Their expertise helps in ensuring the legality and fairness of government actions, promoting good governance, and protecting the rights and interests of the citizens.

Since it establishment, the School has enrolled a total of 16,978 students in 37 different cohorts. Out of 14,801 students who did exams 8,445 (i.e., 57.06%) passed and were awarded the Post-Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

This number has increased the number of advocates from 6,625 who were there before March 27, 2008 when the training started to 11,637 advocates in September, 2023.

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