School Departments

THE OFFICE OF THE PRINCIPAL - The functions of the Principal are stated in section 13(4) of the Law School of Tanzania Act, Cap. 425 as follows:

  1. Is the Chief Executive and Accounting Officer of the School and shall be responsible to the Governing Board for overall coordination of the School.
  2. Exercise such functions of the School as the Governing Board may delegate to enable him to transact all the day-to-day business of the school.
  3. Subject to any directions or restriction given or imposed by the Governing Board, have the power to exercise supervision and control over acts and proceedings in relation to all staff of the School and to decide upon questions relating to the terms and conditions of service of the staff of the School, having due regard to the Schemes of Service.
  4. Propose to the Governing Board policies, programmes and operations relating to practical legal training, development, upkeep, maintenance and development of the School’s assets and facilities.
  5. Supervise the management of the School’s finances including budgeting, and control of expenditure
  6. Promote staff and student’s welfare, good relations between the School and the Government, the public, other institutions and bodies within and outside the country and
  7. Undertake and promote other activities of interest to the School as the Governing Board may direct.

RESEARCH AND PUBLICATION SECTION -Led by a Principal Research Officer, has the following functions:

  1. To carry out research activities on matters of interest to the practical legal training and advise the Director.
  2. To facilitate publications of materials for the practical legal training.
  3. To maintain a databank of training materials for practical legal training.
  4. To make available all relevant materials for staff and students to purchase
  5. To account for funds generated out of research and publications activities.
  6. To perform any other duty assigned by the management.