Organisation Structure

To achieve the objectives for which the School was established, the functions of the School shall be discharged and managed through the Principal, Director of Practical Legal Training and Director of Finance and Administration. These officers shall be directly responsible to the Governing Board and the Practical Legal Training and Examinations Committee as established by the Act. In this context, the School shall be organized as provided hereinafter.

There shall be two line directorates, one of which shall be a supportive directorate in which various categories of functions shall be discharged. These directorates are the Directorate of Practical Legal Training and the Directorate of Finance and Administration. Each Directorate shall be headed by a Director who shall be accountable and answerable to the Principal.

Each Directorate shall be divided into such number of sections and units depending on the functions to be performed. The functions of each section as established under each Directorate shall be performed under the management of a Principal Officer who shall be accountable and answerable to the Director.

In addition, there shall also be independent units which shall be responsible for legal matters, auditing, information, education and communication, and procurement. These units shall be directly responsible to the Principal.

In order to maintain a lean system of governance, the following functions shall be outsourced, namely, general cleaning functions and security guard functions.


Organisationa chart

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