Objectives & Functions


The School has the following functions, namely to:

  1. offer, conduct, manage and impart practical legal training programmes as may be prescribed by the Council.
  2. promote and provide opportunities and facilities for the study of and for the training in legal practice and allied subjects.
  3. conduct examinations and grant awards of the Governing Board in practical legal training and allied subjects;
  4. sponsor, arrange and provide facilities for conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings and consultations on matters relating to legal practice and allied subjects;
  5. arrange for the publication and general dissemination of materials produced in connection with the work and activities of the Governing Board.
  6. conduct legal research in priority areas as determined by the Governing Board;
  7. apply research findings for the betterment of practical legal training, literature and for continued enrichment of the curriculum an teaching.
  8. provide consultancy services in legal matters to the Government, public and private organizations, individuals and other clients within and outside Tanzania;
  9. arrange for publication and dissemination of legal practice literature generated from the activities of the School as may be determined by the Governing Board;
  10. sponsor and provide facilities for short courses and seminars according to internal and public demand.
  11. establish relationship or association with other colleges, and institutions both nationally and internationally and
  12. do such acts and things and enter into contracts and transactions as are, in the opinion of the Governing Board, expedient or necessary for efficient and proper performance of the functions of the School.

Directorate of Practical Legal Training

The Directorate shall be headed by a Director who shall report to the Principal and shall be appointed by the Governing Board. The functions of the Directorate shall be:

  1. To prepare instruments to be used in determining both the eligibility to join the School by applicants and the completion of the training by candidates before they can be awarded their credentials.
  2. To ensure smooth linkages and exchange of information between the School and Council of Legal Education, higher learning institutions, and other relevant authorities.
  3. To ensure smooth running of the practical legal education programme.
  4. To advise the Principal:

              1. on policy and strategies for teaching and learning developments.

              2. on actions to be taken and responses to be made concerning practical training practice, curricula and standards.

              3. with regard to application for admissions into the programme.

      5. To oversee processes to assure the quality and standards of curricula, including assessment practice, performance and procedures, undertaking a review atleast annually and reporting its finding to Principal.

       6. To deal with complaints relating to practical legal training.

       7. To monitor outputs from the following specific processes and recommend actions arising therefrom to the Principal:

                 1. Curricula and Courses Evaluations;

                 2. Periodic Programme Reviews;

                 3. and Links with other Institutions.

       8. To maintain an up to date nominal roll of students.

       9. To consider reports from Universities or other authorities and advice the Principal as appropriate.

    10. To respond to various communications from within and outside the School relating to practical training practice, curricula and standards.

     11. To review and make recommendations to the Principal m in respect of the management and administration of the practical training.

    12. To discuss any questions or any matters within the scope of the practical training programme and to make recommendations to the Principal on any of those questions or matters;

     13. To advise the Principal on any matter pertaining to the day-to-day running of the practical training programme and its curricula.

     14. to advise the Principal on any matter that may be referred to the Directorate by the Principal

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