Mission & Vision


The Law School of Tanzania is a public training institution established by an Act of Parliament (Act No. 5 of 2007). This Act was passed in February 2007 and became operational on 2nd May 2007. As stipulated by section 5 of the Act, the School is mandated to:

  1. offer, conduct, manage and impart practical legal training programmes as may be prescribed by the Council of Legal Education;
  2. promote and provide opportunities and facilities for the study of and for the training in legal practice and allied subjects;
  3. conduct examinations and grant awards of the Governing Board in practical legal training and allied subjects;
  4. sponsor, arrange and provide facilities for conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings and consultations on matters relating to legal practice and allied subjects;
  5. arrange for the publication and general dissemination of materials produced in connection with the work and activities of the Governing Board;
  6. conduct legal research in priority areas as determined by the Governing Board;
  7. apply research findings for the betterment of practical legal training, literature and for continued enrichment of the curriculum and teaching;
  8. provide consultancy services in legal matters to the Government, public and private organisations, individuals and other clients within and outside Tanzania;
  9. arrange for publication and dissemination of legal practice literature generated from the activities of the School as may be determined by the Governing Board;
  10. sponsor and provide facilities for short courses and seminars according to internal and public demand; establish relationship or association with other colleges and institutions both nationally and internationally; and
  11. do such acts and things and enter into contracts and transactions as are, in the opinion of the Governing Board, expedient or necessary for efficient and proper performance of the functions of the School.


The School intends to be a centre of excellence in practical legal training in East Africa and beyond. This vision will guide the School in carrying out its mission of improving legal practice by providing training, research and consultancy services.

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