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The list containing field placement posts for the Fourth Cohort students for the Academic Year 2009 has been posted in the Documents Section of this website. The attachments to the courts and the prosecution services have been arranged by the School in collaboration with the Chief Training, Research and Statistics Officer of the Court of Appeal of Tanzania and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. According to the Clinical Law Guide, which was provided to all Law School students, students are responsible for arranging their attachments to law firms, government departments with legal units, local governments with Solicitors’ Offices, corporate bodies with legal departments and legal aid schemes.

Please note the following:

  1. As you are aware, the field placement will run for a total of eighteen weeks, divided into two legs of nine weeks each. We are aware that a good number of students started their placements on Monday 17th August or even earlier than that. On this basis, we expect that the first leg of the placement will end on Friday 16th October 2009. The second round will begin on Monday 19th October, 2009 and end on Friday 18th December, 2009. Students with confirmed placements, have their placement stations indicated in the seventh column of the list as the First Placement Post.
  2. Students with unconfirmed placement posts have that column filled with question marks (???).
  3. Those without confirmed stations are required to contact the Office of the Registrar of the School to report their stations once confirmed.
  4. Students who did not submit field placement forms should arrange their own placements as soon as possible. Their placement stations should be reported to the Principal once they finalise all arrangements.
  5. Internal Supervisors (from the Law School Coordination Committee, Faculty of Law, UDSM) will make the first visitations during the seventh and eighth weeks of the placement (i.e., beginning Monday 28th September 2009). Please make sure that you are available at your placement post because the Internal Supervisors will make individual visitations without prior notice. Each student’s Internal Supervisor is indicated in the last column of the list.
  6. Remember to fill out log sheets to record the tasks you performed on weekly basis (see your copy of the Clinical Law Guide).
  7. Your Field Supervisor will assess your performance using Form LST 5: Field Placement Supervisor Review Form, which is appended to the Clinical Law Guide.


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Law School of Tanzania

17th September, 2009