The Law School of Tanzania (the School) was established by the Law School of Tanzania Act 2007 (the Act) that came into force on 2nd May 2007. This was an important milestone towards improving practical skills of aspiring lawyers in the country. Before the establishment of the School, aspiring lawyers were trained in practical skills through the internship program run by the Attorney General’s Chambers. Later on some Universities adopted the Externship system to impart practical skills to aspiring lawyers. These systems have now been replaced by the Practical Legal Training Programme to be run by the School. The Law School is under the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and Justice.

The School is a body corporate. It is an independent organ with its own Governing Board. In that regard Section 4 of the Act provides that the School shall:

  1. have perpetual succession and an official seal.
  2. in its corporate name be capable of suing and being sued.
  3. be capable of entering into contract, holding, purchasing or otherwise acquiring in any other way, movable property or immovable property and disposing of any of its property and
  4. have power to borrow money or property as may be required for efficient and proper performance of its functions.

The Governing Board oversees the School and its functions and is assisted by a standing committee known as the Practical Legal Training Committee.

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